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Skin Care For Your Skin Type

Our skin is our first defense against the elements. Caring for it the right way is as important as keeping ourselves hydrated. When you know your skin type, you are that much closer to creating a skin care routine that is suitable for you.

There are ordinary, dry, oily, combination skin types, as well as, sensitive, and aging skin. Anyone could have a combination of these skin types which is why it is important to know how to care for your unique skin type.



Below is a description of the different skin types and the best...

Look FABULOUS On A Drugstore Budget

Anyone can achieve glamorous make up at a less than glamorous budget.
We've all spent a pretty penny on that signature liner or luxury powder. And we've all felt it in our bank accounts too. 
As PETITE-SUE DIVINITII has proven in her video, even drugstore products can make you look flawless! 
Take a look!
 Flawless Drugstore/ Affordable Makeup Tutorial | PETITE-SUE DIVINITII

Blackheads BEWARE!

I hate blackheads.
I hate how big they get.
I hate how obvious they look.
I hate how hard they are to pop.
I hate that you aren't supposed to pop them.
I know hate is a strong word...
I still hate them with a passion.

Anything that claims to remove them safely is always on my radar.

 Easy DIY Blackhead Remover Peel Off Mask REMOVES EVERYTHING is AMAZING!

It really removes everything. Even hair! So use with caution.

All you need is glue...

The Beauty of Apple Cider Vinegar

The Beauty of Apple Cider Vinegar

As many benefits as Apple Cider Vinegar provides it's a surprise it isn't in everyone's kitchen. If you need help losing a few pounds ACV can help. If you're trying to keep pesky spiders and other pests away, ACV has got your back. It will even deodorize the nastiest odors in your home. You've got to check this out!

18 Mistakes That Stop Hair Growth

18 Mistakes That Stop Hair Growth

Hair health and length are extremely important. Learn how to keep your natural hair growing by learning to avoid these essential hair growth mistakes.