Nava Pets Organic Kitty Spa

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Are you looking for the perfect gift to pamper your meow baby or the avid cat lover? A 'must have' for your next family vacation or boarding stay... Nava Pets presents a fresh and new kind of pet care for your four paw buddy! Our Organic Kitty Spa Kit rejuvenates the coat, paws, and so much more with our organic and all natural essentials any cat or cat owner would love!  As always in keeping your pet's health in mind; our kit is safe, non-toxic, and vet approved. 

Product Kit: 2oz Organic Cat Wash Shampoo, 2oz Organic Calm Coat Spray, 2oz Organic Catnip Blitz, 2oz All Natural Grain Free Salmon Treats, and .15oz Organic Pet Paw Balm  

Kit Benefits: Organic/All Natural Ingredients, GMO Free/Eco-Friendly/Leaping Bunny Approved, Pet-Friendly/Safe/Non-Toxic, Resealable (8x8) Tote Bag

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