Brand Story

Where It All Began
Andreia struggled to decide how she would help her family while attending Ashford University. As a stay-at-home mother of an active one year old, Andreia knew she would have to find a source of income that didn’t take her away from her duties as a mother. With the support of her family, she launched Arieta’s Armoire, an online store that featured hand painted vases by Andreia.
When It All Changed
While shopping online, Andreia noticed she had to go to dozens of websites to find what she needed. It was annoying and time consuming. Her frustration inspired her to make a difference. Being a fan of art, fashion, home decor, and shopping, she envisioned an online marketplace that didn’t neglect consumers with various tastes and styles. With no coding experience, Andreia, now a mother of 2 children under the age of 5, began turning her dream into a reality. After months of frustrating nights, long days filled with formula, and market research between naptimes, Andreia was ready to launch her website. On November 22, 2016, what began as a store for handmade vases became a dynamic marketplace selling over 100 different products.
How It’s All Going Now
In 2018, what began with a modest 100 products has grown to over 2000! Working with over 50 different reputable brands located around the world, Andreia was able to make everything, from jewelry to furniture, available at Alluforu.

Alluforu customers can get various products, at a wide range of prices, all at one destination. Andreia continues to work relentlessly to find innovative ways to make the ultimate personal shopping experience for Alluforu customers. Based from her home in Santa Rosa, California, Alluforu continues to grow it’s extensive selection of products, provide exceptional service, and an alternative to the online run around.