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Finding an effective hair care routine that fits a hectic schedule or a product that doesn't cause horrifying damage can be a difficult task. Especially for those of us who find it difficult to do anything other than a messy bun. I can't tell you how many times I was thankful I had a wig or hat handy. Thankfully, there are many out there who have mastered or are at least more knowledgeable about hair care than the average. Explore this page for some much needed advice on caring and styling your hair.


Most Affordable way to MOISTURIZE Natural Hair - Aloe Vera Juice

I just started using aloe vera juice on my daughter's hair and it is amazing. In addition to olive oil as a sealant, aloe vera juice has left her hair soft and nourished. My daughter's hair has literally transformed because of it. This video by Kurly Ke is wonderful for the natural hair enthusiast looking for an effective hair moisturizer.


Nothing is more frustrating than trying for months to grow your hair and getting no where. Are you doing something wrong? CLICK HERE to learn what you might be doing wrong and what your curls need to gain length and retain your new growth! Check it out!



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