How to Uncover your Skin Type

Everyone has specific needs when it comes to skin care. A common mistake we usually make is thinking one product or skin care routine can work for everyone. Truth is we are all unique and if we don't treat our skin the same way we leave ourselves prone to premature aging, acne, skin irritation and inflammation.
Identifying your skin type not only gives you a better understanding of your own skin care needs but also what you should avoid. Every skin type has its own benefits and its own set of problems. The more quickly you discover your skin type the faster you can avoid unnecessary headaches.

 If you already know your skin type click on this link to ID your skin type and learn how to care for your skin type.

According to these are the steps to determine what skin type you have:

1) Gently wash your face with a cleanser and pat it dry.

2) Wait for an hour. Don’t touch your face or apply anything to it while you wait. By washing your face it will revert back to its natural state and make it easier to identify your skin type.

3) Once you’ve waited the hour. Go take a look at yourself. Compare and match your face to the skin type descriptions here


Note: Not all skin types are exclusive. Remember we are all unique and could have a mixture of many skin types. Each with their own benefits.

The environment, diet, hormones, and stress can affect your skin.

Always be aware of your personal needs to avoid any problems and let your natural beauty shine.

 If you already know your skin type click here