Makeup Basics and Tricks for Beginners

To those of us who are just beginning our makeup journey, the right steps can be a mystery. Luckily there is a lot of information on how to use makeup without too much headache. These are the basic step-by-step instructions and tips for applying your makeup available around the web and from avid makeup users. Although helpful, this guide is not written in stone. Don't be afraid to test the waters.

makeup basics

Experiment. Explore. Make the makeup fit you and your lifestyle.


 Clean your Face
    • Always clean your face before applying anything!
    • Not cleaning your face before applying makeup is like using a dirty dish to serve food instead of a clean plate. No one wants layers of bacteria on their face.
    • You will have better chances of avoiding breakouts, pimples, and minor    irritations.

moisturizer makeup basics

    • Moisturizers are your first line of defense from skin damage.
    • Whether your skin is dry or oily or a combination of both skipping your moisturizer is a no-no.
    • It is an effective replacement for primer
    • And if you don’t want to layer to much product on your face, you can mix your foundation with it.
    • Primer is technically not necessary but it does have its benefits
    • Primer can bind makeup to your face
    • It can also fill in your pores and give you a flawless finish.

foundation make up basics

    • Foundation evens your skin tone and can give you a radiant complexion.
    • If you don’t like layering product you can mix it with your moisturizer.
    • Use a foundation that matches your neck and chest for a more seamless look.
      • Know your skin type
        • If your skin type is oily, use a matte or powder foundation
        • If your skin is dry use a liquid foundation
        • Combination and/or ordinary skin type can use both kinds of foundation well.
    • Apply it correctly
      • If using a liquid foundation, apply with downward strokes to lay down the fine hairs on your face using a makeup sponge, your fingers, or the proper makeup brush.
      • If using a powder foundation, lightly dip your makeup brush into your product. After removing the excess swipe your face, paying particular attention to your T-zone (forehead, nose, chin, and area surrounding your mouth)
    • If your unsure of your skin type you can ID your skin type here for more detailed information on the various skin types and their appropriate routines.

foundation makeup basics

    • Do not use concealer as a replacement for foundation.
      •  Use it with foundation.
    • It can hide your blemishes, pimples, and under eye darkness
      • If using it to hide blemishes
        • It’s very hard to smear so use it on your problem areas only
      • If using it to hide pimples
        • Use a green concealer, it cancels out redness.
      • If using it under your eyes
        • Follow the direction of the dark lines.
    • Use your ring finger to apply your concealer.
      • It applies the least amount of pressure and will be delicate to the thin skin underneath your eye.

blush makeup basics

    • Know your skin type.
      • Use Powder blush for oily skin.
      • Use Cream blush for dry skin.
    • Pick the right shade.
      • Usually a rosy color with a brown tint works for everyone
      • You can also use a color that matches your skin tone when you’re blushing.
    • For basic application.
      • Smile!
      • Then apply to the apples of your cheeks (the fullest and highest parts of your cheeks when you smile).
    • Use a blush brush for powder blush
    • Use a wedge sponge or your fingers for cream blush.

makeup basics lipstick/gloss

    • Every skin tone has lip color that matches best. That being said, don’t hesitate to experiment with various colors. Pick the color that you like best.
      • Sheer lipstick and gloss work well for almost all skin tones.
      • If you use a lip liner, your best bet is a nude color. It can match any tone.
 Eye shadow

makeup basics eyeshadow

    • Before using eye shadow put on a primer to help adhere the pigment to your skin.
      • Nudes and natural tones compliment all skin tones. Don’t let this limit you though.
    • Use various colors. Classic, funky, fashionable. Pick the color you like best.
    • Experiment! There are so many color combinations to choose from.

eye liner makeup basics

    • There are many liners to choose from so pick what works best for you.
      • Gel liners are less likely to smudge, and are often water resistant.
      • Pencil liners are less likely to smear and perfect when you’re on the go.
      • Liquid liners are much more precise but you need a steady hand.
    • Bend the mascara brush for easier application
    • To thicken your lashes you can dust baby powder on them before applying mascara.
    • When applying Mascara start at the base of your lashes and swipe back and forth in a “zig zag” for even coverage and a full look.
    • Brows need to be handled with care
    • Always avoid over plucking
      • Don’t take too much off the sides or the center.
    • Remember your brows are sisters not twins
      • They may never look exactly the same and that is OK.
    • When filling your brows
      • Use shades of black or brown shadow
      • Line with a brow pencil
      • Define your lines with concealer and blend!
    • Every face shape is unique and your brows are the same.
      • ID your face shape and pick the brows that fit you the best. 

Makeup is what you make it. Let it express who you are.

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For more detailed information visit the sites below