Everyone who loves to get dolled up knows putting on their favorite lipstick or having the perfect eyeshadow color can set off any outfit. Or that looking at yourself in the mirror with a perfect winged eyeliner and thick lashes can revitalize the worst mornings and bring a smile to your face. I know I enjoy seeing my reflection in the mirror when my eyeshadow is beyond perfect.

This page is devoted to all things Makeup that make us happy and feel beautiful.


 Flawless Drugstore Makeup Tutorial


Need a glamourous look at a drugstore budget? Look at how this video and watch how this woman rocks her amazing drugstore makeup like designer products. CLICK HERE for more details 


 Makeup Basics
Starting any journey can make a person nervous. But luckily if you have a map, compass, or gps, the journey changes from nerve wracking to exciting. Click here for information and steps on how to start your makeup voyage. 

 Nude Glow Full Face Makeup Tutorial- Beginner Friendly

 This youtube tutorial by Karmen Ali is wonderful for anyone in need of a full face makeup routine to achieve a simple yet radiant look.


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