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I absolutely love doing my nails. At the young age of 4, I would announce to my entire household I would be unavailable for the next hour because my nails were wet. I have always loved caring for my nails. Manicures and Pedicures at the salon and at home are a favorite pastime of mine. As time has passed nail care has evolved and reinvented itself. Lucky for us we get to enjoy the ride. 


Nail Art for Christmas: The Ultimate Guide #2!


 Ready to show off your holiday spirit? Ready to show off amazing nails? Look no further. This tutorial gives easy step by step instructions on how to put all your favorite holiday symbols at the tip of your fingers. CLICK HERE for more details.



Long. Beautiful. Strong. Healthy. For most nail enthusiasts, those adjectives describe the nails we all covet. Unfortunately, achieving that dream was never a realistic goal for me. Not until now. This video by Love4nails has the perfect routine to get your nails to your desired length. Enjoy!





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