Skin Care

As with any part of our body, our skin deserves attention and care. Moisturizing. Exfoliating. It all matters. So remember to pamper yourself. Soothe your skin. Give yourself the attention your skin needs.


Need a quick way to get rid of hundreds of blackheads without the spa price.CLICK HERE to get info and watch a quick video on how to use this great DIY peel off mask

 How to Care for your Skin type

We are all unique. We all have specific needs. Our skin is a part of that. Knowing how to care for you skin type is just as important as knowing what size shirt you wear. Click here to learn how to care for your skin type. 

 Skin Care Routine for Acne Prone/Sensitive Skin

Anyone with Acne Prone/ Sensitive Skin needs a routine that caters to their needs and takes into account how to care for it. This video by Annie Jaffrey is perfect for anyone in need of advice and tips on how to care for their skin type. Enjoy!

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