Purple Imprint Leather Sandals

$ 49.27

Your feet go through a lot every day. They are constantly working. And rarely take a break. Give your feet a treat with leather sandals made for kicking back. Feel like your relaxing with your feet up, even if you're not.

This handmade leather sandal imported from West Africa is available now while supplies last  

Product Details:
  • Size:  9 1/2 Womens
    • Measurements: 10 1/8 L, 3 3/4 W
  • Color: Purple
  • Handmade
  • Standard Features: Leather Upper and Insole
  • Design Accents:
    • Dash Imprints on Upper
    • Crescent Imprints along the outside of leather Insole
  • Toe:Thong
  • Embellishment: Cog Center Piece 
  • Platform Height:≤1cm

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