Setting Sun Hand Painted Purple Valley Vase

$ 39.99

Treat yourself to a lavender sky above deep plum valleys as the sun sets. This vase transports you to a place seldom visited. A world of your own creation. Are you ready to take a trip?


Product details:
  • Handpainted
  • This vase was painted using white acrylic paint and purple crayon.
  • It was then coated in enamel to withstand regular wear and tear and heat exposure.
  • When used with a candle, do not leave unattended.
  • To ensure product longevity; Never submerge in water, leave in heavy rain, or expose to temperatures above 110 degrees. 
  • Pencil not included 

 Disclaimer: Products are not 100% guaranteed for color accuracy due to the various factors that may impact color on a screen or monitor

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