All items noted as FINAL SALE, purchased with a coupon, discount, or on sale are non-refundable. Please read the product description carefully for the notice of final sale, no exchange, or no refunds.

  • Alluforu follows a 10-day return/exchange policy for undamaged/unworn items. In order to satisfy this policy, goods must be returned within 10 days from delivery to a specified address provided by Alluforu.

  • Don't worry about shipping fees. Alluforu offers free returns.

  • Alluforu sources products from various warehouses, please return items directly back to the specified warehouse address(es) provided by Alluforu. You may need to ship items to more than one address. 

Thank you for following the steps below to complete your return/refund.
1.    Contact Please specify if it is a return or exchange

2.    Support@alluforu will provide you with the correct return address
3.    Return your product to the specified address within 10 days of receiving your order
4.    Item is received at their specific warehouse unused and in good condition
5.    After receipt of your item, you will be issued a refund 

  • Refunds do not include shipping costs, taxes, or fees. Refunds are often processed within 7-14 days due to banking regulations. Thank you for your understanding.


Phone: (707)800-9846

Santa Rosa, California



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